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If you are a medical doctor practicing anywhere in Australia, or even retired, you are warmly invited to join the group. By joining, you add your name as a signatory to respectful letters (read examples here...) urging neutrality, choice and law reform for voluntary euthanasia, so that doctors and patients alike may make decisions in line with their own circumstances, beliefs and values.

Registration is quick and easy. You can choose the level of use of your name, whether it is included automatically in letters, or whether you would like to sight each letter before agreeing to add your name to it. Whatever level of privacy you choose will be honoured. See our privacy statement here...

You'll be in good company. Research shows that 96% of doctors believe a request for assisted dying can be rational, 53% of doctors think that voluntary euthanasia should be legalised, 52% think that the AMA should change its stance on the issue (from opposed), 36% of general surgeons have already given drugs in doses higher than necessary with the intention of hastening death, and of doctors receiving requests for hastended death 35% have also administered drugs with the intention of hastening death.1, 2, 3, 4


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